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How to Send Emails From Your Roadrunner Email Account?
12 months ago

Have you recently encountered some Roadrunner email account issues? If you have an existing Roadrunner email account, it's likely that you have encountered one or more of the following: a message that says that you are not authorized to proceed; a password reset error; a message that says that your account is already locked; or, that you cannot register online because you do not have a valid Roadrunner email account password. Although the above mentioned issues may have occurred to you while signing up for Roadrunner emails, there are a few simple steps that you can take to quickly resolve them.


 Steps to Resolve these Raodrunner Email Account Issues

There are two primary ways to access Roadrunner emails on your PC: through Windows Live Messenger (LMS) or through the Internet Explorer in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Sometimes, you may also be able to access Roadrunner emails this way through the Sidebar. If you're having issues accessing your Roadrunner emails from either LMS or IE, the first thing that you should do is make sure that your computer has the most recent version of both Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger and Internet Explorer. To test whether or not this has fixed the Roadrunner email account issues that you are having, hit Start, type in "msconfig" into the box and hit "enter." The Network configuration utility window will appear and you should see a list of all the files, settings, and options that your computer has.

 If you have Windows Live Messenger running on Windows Vista or Windows 7, then you may have additional email account issues. If you are not running Windows Live Messenger, then you should open up the Start Menu and then click "My Computer." From the My Computer menu, you should go down the list of installed programs and click " Messenger." If you have Internet Explorer, then you should go to the Tools and then Internet Options, and you should check the " DuckDuck Browser," and click " Enable."


The next step you should take if you have these email account issues is to try changing your basic email settings to something else. The problem that may be occurring is that your basic email settings are being too lenient and there are many things that you can do to tighten them up. Changing your email password and altering your basic settings are often the best solution for these kinds of problems.


Another option for fixing your  RR email account settings is to look at the Windows updater that might be available. When you click onto Start, you should see the tile right next to your computer's wallpaper. Click on it, and you should see a choice for selecting updates. Selecting the Updates tool will enable you to choose from an array of Microsoft updates that will be delivered automatically to your computer.


The next thing you should do if you have Roadrunner rr email settings that aren't working properly is to make sure that you have the right setting in place with your email server. There are a few different ways that this can occur, and the most common reason is that you're not connecting your Roadrunner account type with your internet mail server. Your email settings will be fine when they're connected to your computer's internet mail server, but if you're trying to access Roadrunner's emails on a different mail server you might find that your settings won't be able to be read. To fix this issue, you should download the Microsoft Outlook Express plug-in that connects to your internet mail server and then you should restart your computer so that the plug-in can read Roadrunner's email settings.


Sometimes, users will get a message from Microsoft stating that they can't seem to find a profile for a particular Roadrunner account type. To fix this issue, the best thing you can do is to clear out any old folders on your computer that you don't need and to clear out any other folders that you might have put things in that are no longer being used. If you don't want to clear out your entire computer, then you can use the built-in disk cleanup feature that's available within Microsoft Outlook Express. To use this function, click the Start button on your desktop and then click Run. Inside the box, you'll see a box marked "disk cleanup." Click "OK."


 Bottom Line

Finally, if you still encounter problems sending emails from your Roadrunner account, then it's likely that you're dealing with a part of Microsoft Exchange Server that's either not compatible with your system or that's been damaged. To fix these issues, it's recommended that you contact a professional who's more than capable of fixing the various issues that you may come across with Microsoft Exchange Server. You should also try running a scan on your system using the free Windows Repair Pro tool that you can download from the Internet. This tool should be able to locate various issues on your system and should fix them automatically so that you can continue to use Roadrunner emails to send emails to your contacts.

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