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Top 8 Best Torrent Websites for Ebooks and Audiobooks
over 1 year ago

In the new times Ebooks and Audiobooks have emerged to be new ways to enjoy books and stories. Instead of hard copy of text books you can read your favourite story on any device you want. Let us look at the best download torrents Ebooks and Audiobooks


  1. The Pirate Bay – All the book readers must have heard of this site, it provides good stories that too free of cost. 
  2. WikiBooks – A popular name in the world of Ebooks and is used by many users. 
  3. Free E-books.net – The name itself suggests that users would get to enjoy free Ebooks on this site. The best part is that this site is ad free. 
  4. Torlock – Torlock can be counted in the list of best Audiobooks torrents website. It also has a collection of Ebooks for its users. 
  5. Books-share – This site has very good features and a well organized library for Ebooks which the users would love. 
  6. Book Yards – this site offers its users over 7000 Ebooks which the readers can enjoy on the site and can also download it. The site has systematically arranged the books. 
  7. Torrent 9 – This site is one of the best Ebooks torrent websites to get good Ebooks along with some good movies, games, etc. 
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